Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Vacation...

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days...or a week! Time has gotten away from me...

{Jon and I at the lake recently}

{the renovated lake house...a "small" family weekend project}

Jon and I took a quick trip to see his family in Louisville (yum, homemade meatballs!), my sister and her husband visited for July 4th weekend, the baby robins were born (or hatched I guess!) on our back porch and Jon and I have had some time to enjoy summer! Its been nice...though I have thought about this blog and weddings (a lot!) and I am getting back in the swing of things...

For now, here are some great things from around web:

I agree with this bride who blogged for The Bride's Guide (one of my favorites!, from the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings) the end it is the details that you think about a lot...keep close track of those ideas from early on in your engagement. Its worth dedicating space to in your wedding binder or journal as she mentions. Check it out here.

Wedding Bee is looking for new bloggers ("New Bees"). If you have a unique perspective, willingness to share details, be open and write for them..they are accepting applications. I know a few of my future brides (and many of my past ones) would be excellent! Check it out!

I recently came across Magpie Designz and ordered a couple of necklaces for newly married friends and new moms. They are perfect! Mapie Designz features personalized, hand stamped jewelry. I love the originality and sentimentality that comes out in every piece (they are also packaged in a cute eco-friendly pouch). Prices are reasonable and production time was quick…her etsy shop is here .

Check out this awesome, beachy, breezy, beautiful summer wedding from…I love all of the white, the lanterns up the pathway and the details!

And, last…an awesome photo slideshow {by amazing photographer Shea!}
of dear friends Sarah and Patrick’s wedding back in May! Happy 2 month Anniversary you two!


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  1. Yay for time to enjoy summer! You deserve it. And yay for slideshows -- always a day I will want to live over again. We could not have done it without your steadfast support. You were there for every wonderful moment! I love you!