Thursday, June 25, 2009

Already Behind?

I chuckled a little when I got this e-mail and my heart also went out to this bride-to-be. She captures 100% what so many brides feel...

I have done absolutely nothing wedding related, and I’m starting to freak out a little since it’s already been a month since we got engaged!....I started looking at different things online (colors, centerpieces, announcements, etc.) and got overwhelmed and had to stop. I put a semi-fake date in on of 5/15/10 at the beginning of May, and it told me I was already behind on at least 6 things for something that was over a year away. (!!!) I know a lot will depend on the date we choose, and the date we choose will depend on venue availability, and so on. I honestly don’t even know where to start. People tell me I need to by a wedding organizer book, and I haven’t even gotten around to doing that yet. (Can you tell I was never meant to be an event planner?! :-)

~Bride-to-be 2010

She's not alone, right?

I had to post this because so many brides feel this and it's okay. I also wanted to say that it can get overwhelming with the approx. 272,000,000 (that's million) google hits for "wedding" and the mountain of information.

My thoughts....Don't necessarily start with and "googling" as it is an uphill climb that can feel like too much. What do you want? What have you dreamt of? What are your gut instincts? Think about those things first and search out specific information on the web in due well as ask for recommendations from friends, vendors and recent brides.

While of course I think perusing many related wedding websites and blogs for a little distraction is fun and necessary :-) ...when you are in the early stages it can be a little much. You are searching out for tid-bits of information in a vast ocean.

My advice to this bride, and others like her...take a breath, remember what matters most, and enjoy this process! It's such a fun and special time!

Happy Planning!

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