Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fall '09 Bridal and Bridesmaids Collections

{Silk tricotine Sophia short dress from JCrew}

Brides search for months and months for the perfect dress and perfect bridesmaids dresses. I have talked to brides (and we all know stories) of brides who look and look, second guess and think about dresses. Of course you want to look your best & make sure the girls look and feel it deserves this time and energy.

But also look to your favorite stores for great options!

For example, JCrew has introduced their Fall Collection and Ann Taylor has great, new options as well.

Both include modern, chic styles in great colors and styles that fit many body types. Many also coordinate in color and style so all of your girls don't have to match. And, don't forgot those accessories...cute shoes and other items are also available, of course!

As an extra, I also love that they have "real wedding" pictures on their website. You can see how those orange dresses fit and look on real women.

Indy-Area Boutiques

For Indianapolis area boutiques (no, you don't have to go to Cincinnati or Chicago), check out these great options that brides I know have bought dresses at:
Bliss Boutique, Brownsburg
Nancy's Bridal, northside of Indianapolis
Something Old, Something New Bridal Studio, Pendleton
Sophia's Bridal, southside of Indianapolis (many private labels)

If you additional boutiques you love, let me know by leaving a comment!

Happy Shopping!

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