Sunday, October 4, 2009

mr + mrs stryker!

Katie and Kevin were married in Bloomington on October 3. It was a perfect day, Katie was gorgeous and Kevin wore his uniform from the Coast Guard.

Navy blue and platinum were perfect for the fall day...

Loved the large head table in the middle of the Tudor Room at the IMU...all of the bridal party and their dates were seated there with Katie and Kevin.
Katie did some great touches, such as this table so they could sit together, a fun appletini ice luge, and a delicious customized dinner with food stations.

Larissa Shroeder, a family friend of the bride's and high school friend of mine did the awesome floral.

It was so fun working with Katie and her mom on the wedding, and the bridal party was so great! It was one great party! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Stryker!

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