Monday, June 8, 2009

it takes a village...

On Saturday night Derek, Leigh-Ann's father, said, "Things happen...but it's how you handle them that matters." That's very true. Something always happens, and it takes the team to pull through and make the ceremony, reception and all aspects of a wedding perfect, just how the couple had dreamed.

Yesterday I reflected on how it takes a team to pull off a wedding. For example, a few vendors:

the florist--truly bringing a bride's vision to life with the floral
the photographer--capturing every special moment to keep for a lifetime; staying in close touch with me through the day to make sure we're set on timing and they are ready for those important moments {to left, Morgan capturing the cake cutting Saturday)
the venue staff--bringing physical elements of the event together, keeping guests safe and assisting when needed to execute the events of the evening
the caterer--the food! the meal and cake are often times really important to the couple (especially the groom). sometimes the food is never remembered, though sometimes guests walk away remembering the food, the customized menu that reflects the couple and is prepared, plated and served flawlessly. the caterer often times handles linens alongside me and the couple...linens can really transform a room
the music -- the added detail that sets the tone of the event...during the ceremony and the reception. (see my previous post about G and LA's wedding...keeping the party going all night long) alongside food, guests also remember if the dance floor was full and the night was fun

A quick look at Geoff and Leigh-Ann's team from June 6:

Karen, Artful Blooms -- worked very closely with Leigh-Ann, her mom, and me, to take Leigh-Ann and Hilda's breath away when they walked into the room for the first time. Seeing Leigh-Ann smile when she first saw her bouquet was awesome!
Morgan, Morgan Matters Photography -- so fun to work with, able to capture every moment, tear, and laugh.
IU Auditorium Event Staff -- I cannot say enough good things about the professional and student staff at the Auditorium. They are an amazing group of people...
the IMU Catering Staff -- taking the extra time to customize a flavorful and delicious meal for Geoff and Leigh-Ann alongside impeccable service with a smile on their face...also willing to go the extra mile to be part of the team...
Brett, the Dance Machine -- as I said yesterday, Brett can easily gauge the crowd and knows how to keep the party going all night long. Brett pays attention to all the details and works closely alongside me to execute the evening.

And, I am blessed to call these vendors and outstanding professionals colleagues and team members. It takes a team to make it happen and I am lucky enough to coordinate weddings with professionals that are truly amazing, and part of a team. Not only those listed here but so many of the vendors in Bloomington. I often spend a lot of time confirming, communicating, and double-checking with these vendors-- I can be the piece of the puzzle that brings them together. I also handle the problems when things don't go perfectly. But it takes all of us, doing our job, to execute the day as a bride has dreamt since she was 12.

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