Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding Planning Binders

Almost every bride has a binder of all of her wedding related information...this is good. A binder helps you stay organized and keeps everything in one place. There are a ton out there. I think you can purchase one that you're comfortable with and has the tools you need. But remember you want something that will be useful to you, so maybe creating one on your own might be the best option. Here are some of my thoughts on purchasing and making your own...

A couple of planners to mention:
*Mindy Weiss's "Ultimate Wedding Organizer", $99.00
The name says it all--it does have everything and is quite cute to carry, but the price tag is also hefty.
*"The Wedding Workbook" by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, $24.95
Much more affordable, and also designed really well. It includes many helpful features!
*Real Simple's Wedding Planning Guide is also great. I love Real Simple, so I'm a big fan. Has the great look and style that Real Simple has.

But, I still love , love Russel + Hazel's wedding binder (pictured above) for $75.00. Yes, its pricey, but I think you might feel its worth the investment. It includes 12 sections, business card pages, and adhesive notes for adding notes to the pages. They also have over 50 (!) downloadable lists and worksheets to use! These lists include budget worksheets, a "do not play" list for the DJ, stationary worksheet, floor plans, day-of checklist and more. Love Russel + Hazel!
As I mention above putting together your own binder is also great! A cute and functional place for all of your information and its affordable. Some things you'll need to create your binder:
  • A sturdy 3-ring binder (you'll use it a lot and carry it with you everywhere for awhile, make sure it will stay together). Russel + Hazel has a wide selection of colors of binders and they're also well-made. There are also quite a few eco-friendly options available and options at your local Target or other store.

  • Tab divider sheets you can mark with categories. (Flowers, Stationary, Music, Cake/Baker, Reception, Attire, Rehearsal, Honeymoon, etc). You'll probably need at least 12, if not 20.

  • Sheet protectors for you to put clippings and ideas in (and potentially receipts, keep them all together!). A business card page to keep all of your vendors or potential vendors cards together.
  • Blank sheets of paper for notes, questions, for vendors, etc.

  • Downloadable checklists and worksheets from R + H! The budget worksheet is a must! Also the timeline/checklist, day-of checklist, vendor contact list, and others you feel will be helpful to you. (Real Simple also has a few downloadable tools as well if you like their style.

These are the basics and should get you started as an organized bride! You can get as crafty and creative or as simple as you want. The possibilities are endless. Happy Planning!

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