Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've finally gotten around to starting my blog to accompany the business I've recently started. My company is love, lillian weddings & events based in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm excited to be venturing down this path and am looking forward to working with great brides, fun clients, and talented vendors and partners. To get started a few snippets about me with more to come very soon:

*I've been planning and coordinating weddings & events for over 5 years now. I was a maid of honor for a dear friend after we graduated from college and she told me what a blessing I was and how helpful I was, always thinking ahead and considering details. Little did I know I would be doing events professionally and for fun 5 years later. I have since worked with budgets large and small, done events across the country, and fallen in love with every aspect of event planning.
*I'm meticulous about what I do.
*I'm blessed to have a wonderful, supportive husband who is very patient and loving. (especially as I consider every detail of my business venture--"this color or that one," "worded this way or that way," "hold on, I'll be there in a second, I have to (fill in the blank with something wedding related.") More on him later...
*I'm also blessed with wonderful friends who are also very talented and have supported me along the path.
*I truly love working with brides and their families to design and execute their special day.

On this blog, "love notes" I look forward to sharing fun things I find, new projects, "real" events & weddings, and inspiration for you here.
Until next time,

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