Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is a Coordinator Really Necessary?

I’m often asked why couples would need a wedding planner or coordinator. They remind me that reception sites often have venue coordinators, churches sometimes have staff that assist at the ceremony…so why am I needed? I’m needed because someone needs to be there for the bride and ensure everything runs just as she wishes. My hope is that banquet managers at receptions are ensuring the food is hot, the wait staff is being efficient, and the room is set as we had planned. I'm there to ensure the evening flows as the couple planned, needs are taken care of and everyone can have a good time. A wedding coordinator:

1) Has seen many different weddings in many different ways. She can provide insight, thoughts, and answer your questions, as well as provide valuable local information and recommendations.
2) Will understand exactly what you want from when you wake up on your wedding day to when you leave with your new husband and tuxes have to be returned.
3) Will ensure everything runs smoothly and each detail is taken care of so you can enjoy your day.
4) Will be an advocate if anything goes wrong. She can take care of any problems that arise before you even knew they happened.
5) Will bring your ideas to life. She will listen to you and then take her to-do list from you. She’s not planning your day, just executing it so you can enjoy every minute.
6) Will care about you and your day as much as you do!

So take care of yourself and your sanity, and consider hiring a coordinator to take care of details. I think you’ll realize it was a good investment.

Photo: Me going through the flow of reception events at a Nov 2008 wedding. Photo Courtesy She Designs Photography.

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