Monday, August 10, 2009

Perfect Moment

I've always thought that a wedding day is composed of a series of moments and memories. I help to orchestrate the perfect series of moments that make for an unforgettable day. I love seeing a bride's face (and others in the wedding and family!) as the day unfolds.

On some wedding days, I'm busy and miss moments that are so special and I love seeing the photos...
I recently reviewed the photos of Geoff and Leigh-Ann's wedding in June. It was a perfect day and it was great working with them and their families.This picture stuck out to me...

{Morgan Matters Photography}

This was right before they saw each other for the first time, Leigh-Ann was actually walking up behind Geoff. It captures so much. The true excitement and love on her face, the anticipation in his...I love it.

Happy Planning your series of special moments!

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