Saturday, August 15, 2009

love this!

I came across these neat floor decals a few weeks ago while looking for something for a bride and have been meaning to post about it!

While lighting effects {"gobos"} are awesome, they can be very expensive and be part of a larger lighting package that some couples can't afford.

These decals can be put on dance floors and are much more affordable than a lighting package. They are made to be "low-stick" and should not damage floors. {Of course check with your venue to see if you can affix a decal before you order.}

The photos above are from Cathy's Concepts {$95 and $120 for different sizes!} and Right on the Walls {between $40 and $70!}.

If you go to the Right on the Walls website, while you are there, check out their Home Decor and other many great ideas. The photos and testimonials page on their website has some great ideas and inspiration. I'm seeing a quote on the wall in my office very soon!

Enjoy browsing & Happy planning!

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