Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Customizing Your Wedding

{All photos from projectwedding.com}

Today, we feature some additional and unique ways you can customize your wedding and bring out your unique tastes and loves…

Have you ever considered creating a signature drink that matches your color scheme? A drink that satisfies your taste and color palette! Love it!

How about a dessert bar for the bride and groom with a sweet tooth! This goes beyond the traditional cake and expands into several items that can reflect what you both love.

Or beyond desserts, how about other food you both love for a "midnight snack" (pizza from the local place you love, cheeseburger sliders, or milkshakes!) or incorporated into the dinner. Consider a mashed potato bar, sushi, different ethnic foods, or favorite junk foods.
As I told one recent bride, its your day, your dinner! Don't mind what your guests might like or not, what do you and your groom want? What reflects you two?

Lastly..tired of cluttered tables at weddings? What about putting the place card on the back of the chair? This adds some fun visual interest to the chair, is cute, fun, and different! {picture above}

A beautiful sash could also be incorporated. I think this would also be great for showers, the rehearsal and other events!

You can also customize your wedding, by doing it "your way" at the reception. Dance first, cut the cake in between courses, don't have a formal meal...in the end it is your day and you should do it how the two of you want!

What other ideas do you have to do easy unique touches?

Happy Planning!

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